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GE Personal Loans Still Available in 2009

Posted by admin May - 31 - 2009 - Sunday

GE Money BankGE has certainly had some challenges in 2009 with a cut in the quarterly dividend and a share price which is approximately 25% of the highs of 2008.

One glimmer of light for GE has been the communications to the market that for the GE financial operations there were no extra capital injections or loans needed earlier in 2009. This is hopefully good news for the GE’s personal finance consumers who will no doubt be continuing to look for financial loan products, such as GE personal loans.

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10 Responses to “GE Personal Loans Still Available in 2009”

  1. Dino Vedo says:

    Another very strong and powerful post. I’ve been reading through some of your previous posts and finally decided to drop a comment on this one. I signed up for your newsletter, so please keep up the informative posts!

    Good luck on your blog!

  2. Tambra Harclerode says:

    When does the euro crisis stop? The € dropped presently under 1.19 :-O