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Bankers Bonuses?

Posted by theaccountant September - 4 - 2009 - Friday

There has been recent uproar over the apparent short memory of some bankers. There have been numerous allegations that banks which have gained from recent bailouts are now back paying out excessive bonuses. The reaction of the media, blogs and numerous chat-shows continues to demonstrate the high passions that are still out there with respect to bankers and bankers’ bonuses. So will bankers’ bonuses be constrained? It appears that in advance of the G20 the British, French and German heads have been working together in order to try and gain a united front against excessive bankers bonuses. This is inevitably a tricky business, since unless all banks are constrained globally there is simply likely to be an exodus of business from Britain, France and Germany.

As an aside, it looks like the OECD has had a bit of a change of heart and starting playing around with some of the growth forecasts. As always there are some winners and some losers. Germany and France now look in a slightly better position, but sadly for Britain the British forecast has worsened. The British prime minister may therefore have a bit more to talk about than just bankers’ bonuses with his fellow leaders of France and Germany.

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