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Is The US Recession Over?

Posted by theaccountant September - 15 - 2009 - Tuesday

Many bankers, investors and working mothers, to name but a few, are currently wondering if the US recession is over.

The media have been quick to communicate today that the US Federal Reserve Chairman has apparently been quoted as stating that the US recession is “very likely over”. This may however be raising the hopes of the average person on the US main street, since there is still a long way to go and the shape of the US recovery to the recession has yet to be seen.

Is this another false green shoot? Or is this simply the start of a W shaped recovery trend? Time will tell, but one year on from the spectacular collapse of the infamous Lehman US bank it is a pleasure to simply hear some positive news, it does however appear a little bit too early to be making a big deal of this, what do you think?

Do you believe the US recession is really over? I remain unconvinced.

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