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JP Morgan Chase Bank Start Shuffling

Posted by theaccountant September - 29 - 2009 - Tuesday

JP Morgan ChaseOne of the largest banks in the US, JP Morgan Chase & Co, is apparently embarking on a bit of a reshuffle at the top levels of the sizeable US bank.

Despite JP Morgan Chase & Co having fared relatively well there has been some movement at the top levels of the bank with the alleged immediate departure of “Bill” Winters, the bank’s Co-Chief Executive Officer. This was inevitably initiated by JP Morgan Chase & Co’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Jamie Dimon.

JP Morgan Chase & Co have managed to avoid a quarterly loss, unlike many of the bank’s competitors, by offering such financial bank products as Chase unsecured personal loans and Chase credit cards.

Since banks have been in the credit storm for just over a year now, there may be many other banks who choose to review their leadership team structure. Inevitably some banking leaders will have risen to the challenge, while others have not done quite so well.

Which bankers do you believe have proved themselves?

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