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Bank of America Credit Card Loss

Posted by theaccountant October - 19 - 2009 - Monday

Bank of America Credit CardsBank of America (BofA) do not appear to be out of the credit woods yet.

Bank of America, one of the largest US banks, appears to have posted financial results that  have not met many investors’ expectations. It seems that the bank has held the results fairly close to it’s chest, which has resulted a perceived mismatch between investors’ expectations and actual results.

The Bank of America’s Global Card Services, which is a key US provider of BofA credit cards, appears to have been one of the key drivers of the large losses posted. It appears that the bank’s credit card section has suffered a US$1 billion loss. Co-incidentally this is also roughly the amount which the Bank of America profits missed many investors’ expectations by.

The bank’s global card services division has indicated that this has been caused by levels of failed repayments and credit driven bankruptcies. The Bank of America’s senior management have apparently been indicating that failures on credit card repayments may now be showing some signs of leveling off. Time will tell if this is indeed a green shoot to the credit card market, or just another false dawn.

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10 Responses to “Bank of America Credit Card Loss”

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