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Commonwealth Bank Forecasts Australian Interest Rate

Posted by theaccountant November - 12 - 2009 - Thursday

The Chief Executive of the Commonwealth Bank, which is one the largest Australian banks, has recently been sharing his thoughts with the media about possible changes in Australia’s financial interest rates. Ralph Norris, the Chief Executive, has apparently been indicating that Australia’s rate may reach 4.5 percent.

The Commonwealth bank provides financial products to both consumers and businesses.  The bank provides such products as Commonwealth Bank personal loans.  The Commonwealth bank states that it is determined to offer the best service of any Australian bank, bar none. The bank goes further by stating that they call it the determined to please, and possibly astonish Service promise. Commonwealth purports to help businesses by helping them prepare for the future, since they state that they cannot help predict it.  The Chief Executive however does appear to be making some predictions with his recently reported interest rate prediction.

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