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Flexing Credit Cards

Posted by theaccountant November - 29 - 2009 - Sunday

With all of the various celebrations going on at this time of year many of us are flexing our credit cards.  Eid, thanksgiving and Christmas are just a few of the celebrations that happen at this time of year, all of which tend to cost many of us a lot of expense.  For dealing with this spike in expenditure many of us turn to our credit cards.

With so much credit card choice in the market it is often surprising that so few of us regular review if our credit card represents best value for our individual needs. Indeed for many of us we do not even check if our credit cards represent reasonable value. This is probably that many of us view the effort (cost) may not represent the required payback (return), yet many of scrape around saving tokens and supermarket points to save a bit of cash here and there. We consumers are a funny bunch!

In conclusion to understand what credit cards are takes a bit of research, but many will be surprised at some of the returns. This time of year is expensive enough already for many, so if you plan on flexing your credit card it might just be worth considering if a review of your credit card’s offerings versus the competition may be worthwhile.

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