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Banco Popular de Puerto Rico 2009 Results

Posted by theaccountant January - 20 - 2010 - Wednesday

Investors of Banco Popular de Puerto Rico will be waiting eagerly to find out the financial results for 2009.  The last quarterly update, based on Banco Popular de Puerto Rico’s September year-to-date results, showed a significant forecast year-on-year decrease of Net Revenue. This was in contrast to the expected loss which was actually forecast to be lower than the previous year. Most investors of United States banks will be waiting with interest the financial presentations to be delivered by many CEOs over the coming months. There are many discussions about green shoots of recovery, yet for most of us mortals it certainly still feels like we are in a global recession.

Banco Popular de Puerto Rico is one of a selection of sizeable selection of United States banks who offer many financial banking products, such as Banco Popular home equity loans and Banco Popular personal loans.

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21 Responses to “Banco Popular de Puerto Rico 2009 Results”

  1. Carroll B. Merriman says:

    I have 3 open bank credit cards, one of them I opened for my former home business. I had a couple of other accounts, but they were closed by the issuer last year, because I didn’t use them. The only problem I have with that is one of the cards was my oldest account, and had a relatively large available balance of $12,800. I know my credit score took a hit for a few months after those cards were closed, because my average card age and overall credit availability were lessened. Although I was not in the market for any new credit, I think that there should be a special notation on credit reports when cards are closed due to inactivity, and the credit score calculation formula adjusted not to reflect a higher debt to available credit ratio.