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Citi Personal Unsecured LoansThis page has been created to provide you with a brief overview of the Citigroup unsecured personal loan facilities available to potential borrowers. This article also takes a brief look at the reasons why consumers take out unsecured personal loans and the benefits that Citi unsecured personal loans may provide.

Why Apply for a Citi Unsecured Personal Loan?

The Citigroup (Citi) Banking operation represents one of the largest banking facilities available; it is therefore a popular choice for many potential clients seeking a personal loan. Citigroup offers both secured and unsecured personal loans, together with a variety of client specific credit line products.

Citigroup offers individuals the opportunity to apply for personal loans under the Citi brand. These loans may be Citi secured personal loans or Citi unsecured personal loans. The unsecured personal loan can be taken out to help individuals cover a short-term financing need, such as refinancing of an individual’s debt to gain a better rate, consolidation of an individual’s liabilities to acquire a better rate, financing home and other capital improvements, funding summer or winter vacations, paying college fees, healthcare funding, funding to pay for special events such as the birth of a child or financing to purchase large capital items such as a small yacht.

The unsecured loan title has the benefit of not securing the loan against the customer’s home equity. Citi Bank may require such capital purchases as yachts to be covered by a secured personal loan, but the bank itself will advise on these individual loan issues.

What are the Main Benefits of Unsecured Citigroup Loans?

A potential Citigroup customer may gain the following benefits of a Citi branded unsecured personal loan:

  • The provision of fixed monthly payments.
  • Flexible Citi terms.
  • No requirement for an application fee.
  • Personal unsecured loans available up to $10,000 when a Citibank customer applies online (note that to apply online the customer must already hold a Citigroup deposit account).
  • Non Citi deposit account holders may apply for a Citi unsecured personal loan via a Financial Center.
  • Applying via a Financial Center enables customers to apply for a maximum of $50,000 of credit.
  • Citibank aim to deposit the loan amount into the customer’s Citi bank account within 5 working days.

Arranging a Citigroup Unsecured Personal Loan

If you already have a Citi deposit account, you may quickly apply for a Citigroup unsecured loan by looking on the website and filling in the application form. Otherwise potential customers may apply for a loan via a Financial Center. Potential personal loan customers should be prepared to provide personal information required by US Federal law.