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GE Money BankGE Money Bank (a.ka. GE Consumer Finance) is a part of the General Electric group dealing in financial services to consumers and retailers. GE Money is a truly global company, having a presence in over fifty countries worldwide and an estimated $200 billion in assets. It is one of the largest financial services organizations in the world providing retail, banking and credit services to over 130 million customers.

General Electric and GE Money

The GE Money Bank was created in the US by General Electric in the 1930s. General Electric used GE Money to help provide finance for people to purchase its range of home appliances. Over time, GE Money has become a powerhouse in the global finance arena supplying personal loans, home loans, credit cards, credit insurance and private lable cards. Although General Electric was formed by Thomas Edison as a manufacturing company, GE Money and GE’s other finance related filial companies have almost converted the company into a finance organization: almost 50% of General Electric’s annual revenue comes from financial services.

GE Money claims to be the “world’s largest retailer finance program provider”: it is certainly one of the most notable lenders outside of the US, having significant market share in Japan and the UK.

GE Money Financial Services

GE Money provides numerous products that emphasize flexibilty and simplicity: from home improvement loans to pet insurance, GE Money will likely have a product designed to fit most requirements. In the US, the bank offers the following products:

GE Money personal loans, GE Money home loans, GE Money savings and deposits, GE Money credit cards and GE Money insurance.