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GE Money Personal LoansGE Money lines of credit include credit cards and mortgages but for many, GE Money personal loans will provide access to larger funds they may need.

As a major brand in the global personal finance marketplace, GE Money offers a number of products for people looking to borrow money. This article focuses on GE Money personal loans to see what you get from this type of loan arrangement.

The Principal Benefits of GE Money Loans

GE Money personal loans offer flexibility and convenience for any purpose you require. You can consolidate any debts you might have, buy a new or used car, pay for a vacation or upgrade your home. Payment terms are flexible to the degree that you can request specific monthly payment amounts as well as the actual payment terms to produce a personal loan with the emphasis on you.

Features of GE Money Personal Loans

  • Flexibility – GE Money’s flexible loan payment possibilities can empower you to design a loan to meet your individual needs.
  • Numerous options – Some GE Money loans can give you freedom to control your how your finance works. Options such as interest only payments, payment holidays, last installment waivers and step up/step down interest rates can be a major benefit.
  • On-line account management – Your GE Money loan account can be managed on-line enabling you (among other things) to make payments, update your personal information and download your statements to Excel, Money or Quicken.

The flexibility and features of GE Money loans can provide you with a mechanism to borrow money and at the same time input into how you pay it back: this can be a significant aid to managing your monthly income/expenditure relationship.

Applying for a GE Money Personal Loan

Since GE Money loans are personal to you, you can apply very simply via telephone, on-line, via mail or directly through one of GE Money’s retail partnership outlets.

When you make an application for a GE Money personal loan you are required to provide numerous details about yourself such as your address, telephone number, SSN and financial information. This is mandatory for id verification, assessing your financial situation and account creation and management.

When you have provided your personal details, GE Money guarantees the security of your data through numerous safeguards that conform to federal standards.