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Chase Unsecured Personal LoansChase is one of the brands owned by JP Morgan Chase. According to historic rankings Chase is therefore one of the largest banking operations in the USA. The Chase brand itself is centered on the consumer market and thus offers a vast selection of personal loan arrangements. This article assesses Chase unsecured personal loans.

Why Consider Chase Unsecured Personal Loans?

An individual may wish to seek a unsecured Chase loan to avoid placing any personal assets at risk. For example a secured loan often requires home equity as collateral, this effectively puts the individual’s home at risk if repayments are not met. The Chase Bank will be able to advise on the circumstances where a secured loan is required over an unsecured loan but normally unsecured personal loans are  provided to individuals who wish to carry out home improvements, home repairs, buy a new car or send the children off to College.

The Benefits of Chase Personal Loans

There are many unsecured personal loan offerings in the market. The following represent some of the offerings which Chase believes are important to its consumer base: Individual personal loans up to $25,000; Chase provides online responses to unsecured personal loan applications; Fixed and variable loan rates are available; Competitive loan interest rates; Quality service and security; Numerous loan application options; and online loan and interest calculator to help assess loan requirements.

Applying for an Unsecured Personal Loan From Chase

Chase provides potential and existing consumers with a variety of ways to place an application for an unsecured loan.

As at October 2008, the loan offerings are between $1,000 and $25,000 for an unsecured personal loan. On successful application, the loan amount will be given to the borrower upfront.

The borrower may apply via the website at, alternatively via a local Chase branch or finally by phone. Before making an application it is always recommended to seek independent professional financial advice.

As with any lender, your Chase loan application will require the submission of personal information to meet with US Federal Law requirements, so having this information ready will make the application process quicker.

Other Personal Loans and Credit Available from Chase

Chase has a vast selection of other financial loan and credit based products for the consumer, some of these are listed below:

  • Chase personal loans for the home.
  • Chase mortgages.
  • Chase home equity loans.
  • Chase car and vehicle loans.
  • Chase student loans.
  • Chase credit cards.