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PNC Bank Credit CardsOne of PNC’s more popular products is the PNC Bank credit cards range, of which there are several options to choose from. Since PNC Bank’s range of products is intended to help its customers achieve the most from their banking relationship, PNC bank credit cards are designed to extend the same service level.

PNC Bank Credit Card Options

PNC offers a variety of benefits to its credit cardcustomers. Basic option include:

  • the potential to earn rewards or rebates
  • PCN Security Assurance to guard you against identity theft and credit fraud
  • Discount opportunities
  • and the security of an internationally recognized and accepted brand.

PNC credit cards presently come in the following flavors:

  • PNC Visa Platinum Credit Card
  • PNC Visa Signature Rewards Credit Card
  • PNC Select Rewards Visa Platinum Credit Card

PNC’s Visa Platinum Credit Card

PNC Bank’s Visa Platinum Card has no annual fee and offers a low balance transfer rate. The Visa Platinum Card offers longer introductory offers than PNC’s other credit cards as well as lower rates. Fraud protection is built into this option through the PCN Security Assurance scheme and a Zero Liability policy which protects you from fraudulent use of your PNC card. Purchases made with the Visa Platinum are protected through Purchase Security, Extended Warranty Protection and Return Protection and you are able to access all of your account information online.

PNC Visa Signature Rewards Credit Card

If you travel overseas often then you may want to consider PNC’s Visa Signature Rewards Credit Card. This credit card option provides you with you up to $1,000,000 of personal travel accident insurance and $3,000 in lost luggage compensation (conditions apply). The PNC Visa Signature Rewards option also gives you 1 Signature point for every $1 you spend on the card. There is no limit to the number of points you can earn and no restricting criteria on the purchases you make.

The PNC Bank Visa Signature Rewards Credit Card can also give you priviliged experiences with special access to entertainments, sports and food events, as well as the 24×7 personal assisttance of the Signature Rewards Concierge.

PNC Bank Select Rewards Visa Platinum Credit Card

Like the Visa Platinum Card, PNC’s Select Rewards Visa Platinum Credit Card has no annual fee and enables balance transfers at low rate. As with PNC’s Signature Rewards Credit Card, this option also gives you 1 PNC Bank reward point per $1 spent as well as all the subsequent exchangeable benefits therein.

Applying for a PNC Bank Credit Card

The application procedure for PNC credit cards is quick, safe and easy to initiate. PNC credit card applications usually take between 5-10 minutes. Applications can be made via the post, in person at a PNC Bank branch or by telephone. If your credit card application is approved, PNC will send you your card between 7 and 14 days. Successful applicants will be permitted to make up to four balance transfers.

Prior to finalising your PNC Bank credit card application, you must accept PNC’s terms and conditions and provide the PNC with accurate personal information.