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Thursday 17th January 2019

The Finance Owl

Welcome to The Finance Owl! The Finance Owl is designed to bring you news from the world of finance as well as reviews and critiques of financial products the world over.

What is the Aim of The Finance Owl?

The finance world can be complicated… hence The Finance Owl aims to help you get to grips with some of the more tricky concepts and theories. The Finance Owl also aims to give you information about personal finance products to help you make an informed decision about banks, insurance, pensions, mortgages, loans and most other personal finance products.

Need Help on Understanding Financial Products?

We have several financial product sections which provide some basic financial information on products by numerous banks, credit unions and building societies. There are also pages which provide a synopsis of the history of these banks, credit unions and building societies.

Need Help on on Understanding Debt, Mortgages, Credit Cards and Loans?

There are specific sections on debt, mortages, credit cards and loans. Each of these financial sections aims to provide some useful background on the meanings of the different financial products which can be purchased under these different categories. In addition, there is a financial glossary of terms section which can help provide further insight into understanding the background on financial products.

Need an Alternative Update on the Latest Financial News?

Our news section aims to provide a slightly alternative update on financial news which is relevant to existing sections of “The Finance Owl” website. This section aims to provide sections on such areas as banking and credit, plus some other musings on thoughts of events happening in the financial world.